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Copper Bathtub !! What color vanity pairs best?

chrysa h
4 years ago

Like all the other people here... I am requesting HELP with my master bathroom design. I have truly spent countless and restless hours searching images online, looking through paint swatches, and trying to think outside the box when it comes to my bathroom design. All at basically a loss, since I just cannot make the final decision on my double vanity (88" long), including a center makeup vanity.

The vanity sits directly across from a Massive 60" x 60" x 30" tall, 115 gallon, 3-person, hand-hammered Corner copper bathtub.

The copper tub and the vanity will both be focal points of the bathroom. The vanity will be the first thing you see as you walk into the room. But after entering the room the copper tub sits only about 5 feet across from the vanity. I'm hoping for a luxurious and rich feeling to the bathroom, but still

keeping an open and clean feeling. However, I don't want to challenge the tub with an over-the-top vanity... even still, choosing a solid white vanity color also seems possibly wrong?!?

I love white, as I have chosen a white polished marble bathroom floor and shower walls, with the shower pan being 5" hexagon emperador light (honed) marble... attach a photo of these items. But is a white vanity boring paired with polished white flooring and a 7 foot long white shower? Does a white floor and white vanity leave the dark copper tub alone and seemingly out of place?

Copper is a living material and will of course change colors and patina/darken over the years.

Attached is a photo of the tub (including one stock photo) of the Signature Hardware copper tub.

Photo of flooring & hexagon shower floor tile attached. Also below is the 'Vibrant Brushed Bronze' finish we have chosen for the Freestanding tub filler and all the shower trim/sink faucets.

I'd really appreciate everyone's advice! Thank you soooo so so much in advance for help!





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