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Keep kitchen layout or make changes? Seeking advice!

5 years ago

Hello all... I have been a gardenweb member for years, and am finally ready to start really planning my kitchen remodel! I have a fairly new home, only 4 years old, and am about a year out from some fairly big changes. When we bought this house, we went basic because its what the budget called for and I knew we could make changes later on. Well, later is here, and I am starting to think about what changes I want to make.

I am generally pleased with the layout of my kitchen. It is just me, my elementary aged son, our 2 large dogs, and 2 cats. I usually work alone in the kitchen, but entertain often. I want to replace the cabinets and countertops, appliances, make the kitchen window bigger, and add a buffet section of cabinets in the nook area. I will also be changing the flooring, as we went with vinyl when we moved in (it has served us well through toddlerhood and puppy training!). I am also going to replace the sliding glass door with a newer, higher quality one with a transom above it to get better light!

I was hoping to get your all's input into how you feel about the current kitchen layout. The one spot I really don't love is the fridge and tall pantry next to it. As you can see, we have no need for that tall cabinet because we have a large walk-in pantry, but I can't figure out what else I would do with that space.

I have attached a first floor layout, a layout of the kitchen area, and just the kitchen itself as well. I will get a few pics of the actual kitchen and add them in later tonight.

Thank you in advance! Can't wait to start talking finishes once I get the layout nailed down!


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