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Anyone into miniatures/holiday villages?

5 years ago

Wasn't sure where all to put this topic, but I figure I can't be the only one around here that is into holiday villages and the miniatures that go along with them.

I started out with a little bit of a Halloween village on my mantle in my living room. Over the years that has spilled over into a living room full of Halloween, that leads into a smaller Christmas village.. and various spring, summer, and fall back to Halloween village.

Over the years I've collected from Lemax a lot, and thrift stores/resale shops to a huge extent. Picked up or been gifted with a few Dept 56 pieces along the way... I make a bunch of things too now, like tiny foods and sellers stall along with other street vendors, detail up pieces to whatever my villages need. And I'm always on the shop, every time I'm out shopping.

Just this weekend while out of town for a wedding weekend.. there happened to be a Goodwill across the street from the hotel and I had a bit of time to chill so I ended up with a lovely new Halloween lighted piece and an unbroken version in box of a piece I have and didn't get round to fixing proper, a Christmas village house, a super cute Easter thatched roof florist shop and bunny selling cakes small..

So anyone else into holiday villages? Where all do you collect your pieces from, how do you set our stuff up???

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