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upset about mess with engineered wood install

5 years ago
Installers showed up to install floors which on one hand I am excited but on the other hand upset because we were told that was the very last step in order to protect floors and avoid damage to them.
We will have our quartz countertops installed Monday and we still need tile to be installed in powder room , laundry room , pantry , master bath.
We still need tub and toilets to be installed also. Fireplace surround still needs to be built .

My beautiful floors are a big dusty mess right now. Also, we had another trade (trim guy ) working on things so he tracked all the concrete dust all over the floors. I called contractors and asked why install was happening when I was told it would be last.
They responded not to get hung up on fact and floors could go in now with out a problem and they would cover them once done and
Make sure they are clean. Floors have hand scraped look and now all those little crevices are filled with dust and dirt. They still have kitchen to finish so plan on returning tomorrow.
Do most contractors place wood floors in before a lot of other work is done ? I was told they would clean them and cover them but so far all I see them doing is sweeping. How is that going to get the dirt out of all those little crevices. I guess I am getting the lives in look right off the bat?

And as a customer - if I didn’t want my wood floors installed until the very end why can’t that request be granted - especially if they TOLD me that would be last! ?
His text to me about wanting to move forward makes me think he had an available installer and just wanted to get it done.

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