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Front Exterior and Entrance Ideas Needed for Small House

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We are experienced DIYers, but would love to get some new thoughts on changes to the front and entrance of our little stucco house. Maybe there are some interesting ideas we haven't considered. This is a project we will tackle next spring.

The front deck is coming off. We can change and make the deck/stairs into anything that works best for the house.

We do not have a driveway out front, so it is not an entrance we really use much ourselves, but we'd like to add some curb appeal. ( I have a landscape plan...this is more about the exterior of the house.)

We are keeping the walkway but it can be shortened to fit the new deck.

We cannot add on to the actual house exterior out front.

The roof is new and is called Canadian Driftwood which has black, darker gray & some tan tones in it- The overall look is a dark gray.

Windows are new.

This is an older neighborhood, but we have renovated the interior, but the front curb appeal is lacking. Out back we have a beautiful rustic flagstone patio and firepit, new landscaping, a new deck and back entrance. We back onto a green belt with forest right out back.

Issues we want to address:

**New Paint color for the Stucco. (Yes we know about elastomeric paint)

**Hiding the new garbage bins which is a new program in our area. They need to be out front as we don't have a garage out front and dragging them thru 3 feet of snow in the winter is not an option. We are in western Canada.)

**We have a small back entrance addition that is white board and batten with white shake shingles in the peak as an accent and gray/tan stone on the bottom. We need to keep the trim white.

**How to address the irregular empty space in between the 2 windows on the side of the house and/or create some dimension as that area is so flat. (long attached pergola across the side above windows?)

**Different layout for the deck and stairs

**We are already considering adding the same stone to the chimney and/or other areas out front.

What do you feel this house needs for the entrance, color and front side with the windows?

Front of the house:

Back of the house:

Back Yard:

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