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Frontyard Walkway and Fence Design Ideas

5 years ago
I need some design ideas for my front yard project. Our current fence gate has seen better days and needs to be replaced soon. The plan is to move the fence forward towards the gas line. Problem is the backyard currently is flagstone but in front of the current gate is just concrete. If I move the fence forward the flooring obviously would be interrupted if we just replace with new concrete up to the flagstone. Ripping all the flagstone out is not a project I want to tackle at the moment. I like the square concrete plates with faux grass inbetween for example. I also like the horizontal wood fence style / midcentury. Or maybe just a white vinyl fence? We will move the gate part to the center in order to be able to go past future AC unit and the gas pipes etc. Some sort of arbor could be nice. Iam looking for design ideas regarding the fence, gate and general landscaping aswell as ideas on what to do about the mismatching walkways if we move the fence forward. Any input is appreciated :)

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