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Sectional vs Two Couches in Small Living Room

Jared M
4 years ago

Hi all,

I need some feedback on re-doing my living room setup. I am scrapping all the furniture in the picture and I am installing a mantel over the fireplace and putting the TV above the mantel. We rarely watch TV and I am trying to buy furniture that can fit six people comfortably and I am having trouble deciding if I should buy an L shape sectional that seats 5 (comfortably) or if I should buy a regular shaped couch and a love seat. I am considering buying accent chair(s) to make up for the last seat. Any suggestions on furniture placement would be great. Thanks!

Things to note:

  • I do not want to block the door to the left of the black couch
  • The distance from the edge of the door by the black couch to wall where the round couch is is 136" long
  • I forgot to measure the width of the room, but the distance from the door to the end of the black carpet in the pic is 97"
  • I am currently looking at this sectional (

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