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Closet clean out today....

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Not the best weather today so I thought I would tackle my coat closet. I took everything out, as per the Kondo method. I looked at each item and asked, will you wear this? I have a few things I have been holding on to for years.

1. A practically new white denim jacket. I thought this was a good idea at the time.....but I never seemed to wear it. Maybe once.

2. A very short Ralph Lauren swing coat. Wore this a few times, but haven't in years as it seems dated.

3. A puffy vest from the Gap. What made me think I was a puffy vest person? If it's cold, I want to also have an equivalent sleeve.

4. A slightly puffy jean style jacket in black from the Gap. Haven't worn this in years. Tried it on and it does me no favors.

Out of these I just kept number 4. I realized that because I spent a good deal of money on this jacket, I was willing to see if the trend would come back.

I was able to part with a scarf as well. All my clothes now go to my house cleaner. She is very appreciative and if she can't use something she will pass it on to someone who can.

Next on to my sweaters.

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