Master Bath Reno Planning

K Waite
3 years ago

We are planning to remodel our master bath later this year or early next year and I want to get some ideas going to start planning. House built in 1965, slab foundation, 8' ceiling, original cast iron waste lines, pex supply lines in attic (installed 2015 prior to our ownership). I have some good ideas for what I want design wise (colors, tile, faucets, etc). I've been a project manager for many years and my dad has been in construction 40+ years so we will GC it together.

Any ideas, recommendations, etc?

Need ideas for:
1. Repurposing makeup vanity area
It’s just a collection area for bills, random junk and laundry piles. It would be useful to remove the soffit and put a tall cabinet for laundry/extra storage cabinets. Would this be weird to have as you walk into the bathroom? I need someone else's opinion.

2. Better ventilation

Current fan is some sort of old school heater that smells horrible when running; it has 2 switches so one is another mode (I thought just a vent fan), but still stinks when you turn it on. I don't see a roof vent so I'm assuming it might vent into the attic at this point. We never use it though. Just a casement window, maybe put in an operating window and new fan? Can we vent fan out the soffit? Pretty positive we have no soffit vents at all, but definitely none right in this area.

3. Repair/Replacement options for old plumbing, any other pitfalls/tips

We actually like the current size and layout and do not want to move plumbing since we are on a slab foundation. We will have someone camera the lines to see condition.

4. Entry door from bedroom:

The entry to the bathroom/makeup vanity area from our bedroom is a poorly installed barn door, which I hate!!! Should we do a pocket door, center split double doors (not bi fold, which is what preceded barn door. they left the hardware and door frame intact...ugh), other ideas? I was thinking to take out the wall on the right as you enter that is along the edge of the vanity to open it up a bit.

***There is an opening into the closet of another bedroom where they made a pass through into the adjoining bedroom and used that whole bedroom as a closet. Ignore this, we will close this wall and return the bedroom/closet to normal when we remodel. You can see this opening in the picture of the makeup vanity area (in the mirror reflection). On the floor plan, it would be directly in front of the entry door to the bathroom.***

Tried once before, but I didn't get much traction on the previous post.

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