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Help me decorate my living room - Desperate help needed!

Alex B
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

*sigh* This post has been overdue for about a year now. I had posted here before when we picked our house finishing and couch as I was unsure of some things. As suspected, I did not turn out to be a fan of the couch we picked. I have been trying to put our space together for about a year now and it just isn't coming to me, at least not the way I imagined. There is about 300$ worth of pillows sitting in our basement because I keep changing my mind just about every week thinking that maybe orange/brown/blue/purple/taupe will finally tie everything in together and make the couch blend in with the rest of the space like I imagined it but it's just not working. Took us a while to pick art work and as much as I actually do like it, I it the artwork that doesn't go well? is it the couch? the pillows? The carpet? Now I am starting to question the color of the dining chairs/bar stools..should we have went darker and THEN the couch will match? I am afraid we went too light everything and now I am struggling to create contrast. It has been a struggle for me to decorate and I have come to accept it just isn't my forte so I have snapped a few pics of our space here and if anyone has any ideas of where I am going wrong, I would LOVE to hear them because right now I am unhappy and I just don't know why. We love the finishing we picked for the house but the decorating part is simply killing me.

A few notes: The art piece behind the dining table will most likely go in another area of the house - it will be replaced with a floor length thick walnut mirror which is being custom ordered. I am thinking of selecting new pots for our plants as soon as I can settle on a color. Some sort of curtains will be most likely added to the living room eventually but again - colors...

I am also thinking of getting rid of the carpet under the dining table - most likely will get rid of it eventually but keep the one under the coffee table. Do I need a new carpet? New pillows? New couch?


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