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Observation about Houzz photos

4 years ago
I finally wrote a check and signed off on the design and cabinet selection for my kitchen renovation last week. I went to my Kitchen Idea Book, and pared it down from 1297 to 96. Room to grow again! I don’t know if that’s a lot, but when I first joined Houzz, there were about 100,000 photos available TOTAL, and now there are an additional 17 million. I’ve been planning for nearly a decade! But now that Houzz has been around for a while, I realize that as I’m looking at photos, they are undated, and many can be a decade old, at least, and I don’t seem to be able to tell other than getting a sense from comments. It would be helpful to know how current the photos are. Are they still relevant? Are inspiration photos showing dated ideas and products? It’s no longer where you can go to see what is fresh, current, new - if you don’t know which decade it’s from. Have I just been here too long?

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