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New entry door, garage door, & color scheme. Welcoming suggestions!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Who wants to help us clean up this mess!? The blue has got to go. The roof is brand new. We will be ditching the storm door, replacing the entry door w/2 sidelights, replacing the garage door and the 2 bay windows, and replacing the gutters with oversized gutters & downspouts. We are also thinking about replacing the small roof structures over the bay windows with metal roofing w/ expanded soffits.

First and foremost, we need to identify a color scheme. Secondly, a new entry door & garage door are our priority replacements. Here are thoughts running through our head:

1.) Do I keep white framed windows, or should we consider a darker frame like black or dark bronze? If we replace the windows on the front of the house with a color other than white, is it aesthetically or architecturally acceptable to have white windows on the back of my house that has a light bluish-gray siding(picture attached)? That's another element we've considered changing, too.....our siding - possibly will paint it.

2.) What color gutters should we get? White? Dark Bronze? Dark Gray?

3.) For a garage door, we were thinking of incorporating some glass panes across the top in a dual arched configuration, perhaps a carriage style.

4.) For a front entry door, we were thinking of a glass-less door. We think having a glass insert of any size will just be too much glass with the size of the arched window above. Sidelights we think we would prefer to be 1 single pane, top to bottom.

We welcome any/all input here. Anyone who is a photoshop pro, we commend you! Thank you in advance for all your suggestions.

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