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New house, new to gardening, many questions - NorCal 9a

5 years ago

Hello folks, I'm not sure if I should break this up into many different posts because that might annoy people, or if grouping all my questions together is confusing. I'll try the second option.

I am trying to bring some color, fragrance, shape and structure to my yard.

1. First off, the main view facing south is a row of 11 cypress trees (not sure what kind they are) broken up 7/4. This is kind of a central point behind the fire pit and I'd like to plant A tree or a couple of trees. One of my ideas was to have two different Japanese maples here; a seiryu which is one of the better sun-tolerant kinds at the back right of the gap between the cypress, and a garnet or other dissected red on the front left. This way the less sun-tolerant would be shaded from some of the afternoon sun by the taller, more sun-tolerant one, and also the color combinations would change with the season and contrast with each other, keeping it interesting. Thoughts about this idea or other landscaping ideas for this area?

More views:

These are the ash trees as you look east from the same firepit area posted above.

2. Second, we want to add some citrus trees. I am looking for something with very fragrant blooms for the right corner of the lot (R side of last picture). Any suggestions for what kind of citrus? Something sweet would be a plus but blooms/fragrance is priority number one. As I understand it citrus should be planted in the spring so it roots well which it might not if the winter is too cold.

2b. Along the same fenceline as the citrus, I'd like to add a whole row of roses. So the roses will be along a fence that runs N/S, and I am guessing will be need to keep some distance from the citrus. Any other considerations?

3. I'd like to plant this night-blooming jasmine at the north facing wall opposite the back fence. Anything wrong with having this plant at this location?

4. Finally, can someone ID this plant in the chicken coop area?

Thank you!

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