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Exterior Trim Details for Bay Windows/Mulled Windows/Multiple Windows

4 years ago

I was playing with the exterior trim for our windows and doors and was hoping for some nit picky feedback. We have windows and french doors at the front of our house. The french doors have panels below them so the neighboring windows will also have a panel.

My main question is: what should the window sill do? When it is adjacent to the door with the panel, it needs to end at the vertical casing (as show in graphic at the far right). This seems atypical as many of the photos I see of window sills with panels below have sills that extend all the way to the corners. So--- on the opposite sides of this sunroom, should the sill extend all the way to the corners or end at a vertical casing piece (above and below option in the middle column). And, if we have this situation in multiple areas of the house, what should the sill do? Stay consistent? We have a bay window on the second floor (first column in graphic) which shows the two options (above and below).

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