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Please help me update my home exterior on a budget!

D. Vzq
4 years ago
Hi guys, I am making many changes inside my home to update it to a more modern look. I am loving the glam update inside however the outside has this very plain outdated exterior. I would like to continue the gray (greige), white and black pallette that I have going on indoors (like the picture included) on the outside, however, I'm not sure if it will look good with the redish brown roof.
Also, I would like to make some changes to the outside to add some curb appeal but I do have a budget of less than 2k to do them. Can you offer some suggestions? I was thinking shutters but not sure. Any apps or programs outside of photoshop out there that can help me get a bit of a vision on how to improve this?

Ps. I was thinking on painting the tile light to medium gray/taupe and the rest white. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help!

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