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Living room too big for one seating area but too small for two. Help!

5 years ago

The living room size is 18' x 13'10"

We just moved into our house and I can't seem to figure out how to layout my furniture in my living/family/tv room. In the photo, you can see how I currently positioned a 1 3-seater and 1 loveseat sofa and our TV console. I am clueless what to do with the space behind the 3-seater sofa.

I have no coffee table because the kids (i have a toddler and a preschooler) and I usually use the space in front of the tv to dance and "wrestle". Although, I am keen on getting a side/end table.

Also, the furniture will definitely be replaced - so I'm open to getting new sofa, chaise, etc. Any suggestion is definitely welcome!!!

Other info: We are going for the mid-century modern, industrial, minimalist look (if that's even a thing) - think whites, browns and blacks (metal).

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