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Best Buy appliance installations questions

5 years ago

getting ready to buy appliances for my new home. Labor Day is around the corner and I’ve been browsing online for some Labor Day sales.

I’ll be buying online at Best Buy and I’ve been looking at their appliance installation prices. I’m kinda confused because there are several options for installations. And I was wondering if somebody can help me which option I select

  1. Right now I have a freestanding gas range with an oven that came with the house, I’m looking to replace that since it’s 25 years old

2. and I also want to buy a refrigerator. The house didn’t come with one

I attached pictures regarding the Best Buy installation options and not sure what I need. Can somebody help me

Lastly is there a way I can save on installation costs? i think the prices are Best Buy seem comparable to Lowe’s Home Depot and Sears

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