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Why my newly propagated perennials keep dying on me

I really don't understand this. I grew artemisia princeps from seed, in which only 1 successfully germinated to full leaf( which is a whole new issue itself, not even being able to germinate a weedy plant), and then I transplanted it to those square 4 inch pots in pure peat moss. It did ok until late July and it just completely died. It was placed in a full shade location with no direct sunlight. The pot mix was constantly moist.

Then, today my ajania that I rooted from cuttings 2 months ago was doing ok until today when I saw the whole plant wilting despite a very moist soil(peat moss+pine bark fines). How could it be wilting when it is getting moisture??? This one has also been in full shade the whole time. It is in a 4 inch square pot. What am I doing wrong? This really is discouraging me, not even being able to propagate the easiest plants. I also rooted sedum cuttings but some of the leaves are starting to wrinkle and I'm not sure what that means. I also killed all 15 cuttings of chamaecyparis obtusa, the easiest conifer to start from cuttings, back in winter. Does this mean that I should give up on my dreams of becoming a grower ?

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