Farmhouse floor plan review

3 years ago

Long time reader, first time poster here. My husband and I are building a smallish farmhouse-style home on 11.5 acres in rural southern Wisconsin. We're getting close to finalizing the plan and would appreciate feedback from all you wise folks. In particular, do you see any serious flow issues or wasted space? Any and all feedback is welcome. [gulp]

Here's some basic info:

  • The house is for the 2 of us, a couple cats, no kids. We hope this will be our forever home.
  • Current plan is 1,945 sq ft. We're on a fairly modest budget, trying to keep the footprint smaller/simpler so we can devote more funds to eco-friendly materials, airtight envelope, etc.
  • We're fans of the "not-so-big" philosophy, rooms that do double-duty, avoiding rooms that we hardly ever use (ex. guest room). We both work from home, hence the dual offices.
  • We're doing the design with a builder and a draftsman. We're also getting feedback from another draftsman/home designer.
  • The first image shows roughly where the house will be on the property (marked "H"). Our property is yellow. The road/driveway is red. It's a dead-end road, so minimal traffic. The land is at the top of a hill, a former farm field, basically flat with a slight slope to the southeast. Best views are south/southeast, but honestly it's all pretty lovely. :) Our goal is to replant the field with native prairie species over time.
  • Planning on Hardie vertical siding (B&B) and metal roof.
  • There will be an unfinished full basement (not shown here).

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