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Living room with no wall space - need help furnishing

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I have a 10'7" x 12' living room with hardly any wall space. I've just been overthinking it all together, so I haven't furnished it at all. Desperate for help - I tried my best to put together a floorplan:

The white rectangles are doors/openings, then I have a big window (up top), and a built in (gray, left corner). There is also a radiator right smack in the middle, just under the window (the radiator cover is about 3' wide by 1' deep).

Not sure if this helps, but the window is 9'4" wide (12:00), and going clockwise the doorway on the right (4:00) is 2'4", doorway on the bottom (5:00) is 2'7", the built-in (7:00) is 2'8", and the french doors (8:00) are 4'7" and the doors actually open the opposite way (not in the room).

I have also mounted a smaller TV on the wall between the built in and the door next to the built in.

Here's what my 2 thoughts were: 1, I could do a long sofa along the window wall, that would obviously have to be pulled out about a foot due to the radiator under the window; Or 2, I could do a sofa along the wall to the right and a big accent chair on the opposite side under the window, but again, I need to be mindful of the radiator.

Please don't judge me for the mess, here are some photo's to give some context:

Does any of this info help? I'm going for comfort, so I want either a larger sofa, or a small sectional. Thanks so much in advance, I hope someone can help!

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