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Need help designing privacy screen

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My wife and I recently purchased a house that is directly across from our elementary school and backs to a road. The subdivision does not allow privacy fences, so we're going to plant trees to "screen" our yard. We want what will become a solid hedge row of trees.We were initially planning to simply plant a single row of Spartan Junipers. I know a single row is less attractive than some, but for the "outside looking in" side I don't really care. We were planning on doing 2 phases that initially would be border/hedge row, then dress it up on the inside in a few years for our viewing pleasure.
That said, I do worry about the possibility of losing trees later on and the eyesore that would undoubtedly create (unless I was lucky enough to find the exact tree, not holding my breath on that). So, I want to entertain the idea of planting a variety of trees.
Here are my requirements:
Zone 6b.
Evergreen only.
Avoid any trees outright poisonous to dogs (yews, for instance).
Trees/bushes that will get at least 10 ft tall, and no more than 8 ft wide.
Instant partial screen, and full screen within 3 years.
Not an insane amount of maintenance.
Here are links to an aerial picture of my backyard and a drawing. On the drawing, the fence and mulch beds are to scale. Only the area indicating mulch beds are being planted at this time. All the trees currently planted will be removed. On the scale each box is 2ft. The box in the back of the fence is a gate that I want to be able to access, but I don't want to create a dead-zone of the screen (I am willing to come out into the yard a little bit there. I need someone that can put something together somewhat quickly as I've already put a deposit down on the 50 junipers and would need to be able to tell them to adjust my purchase order.Thank you for your help!The rear fence line is 136 feet including the 4ft fence gate, and the neighbor aide is 60ft..

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