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Color for island in an open concept home

Connie Hildreth
4 years ago

I would like ideas for our kitchen island, which is centered in between the kitchen, great room and dining room of my open concept home. Walls are Edgecomb Gray and cabinetry is white, so I’d like a color in the blue/green/gray family that will anchor the room/provide a pop of color/interest. I am going for a natural, lake house kind of look and feel to the home. It will be an important color in the space so I want to set the right tone. I am drawn to Pratt and Lambert’s French Blue, but feel it may be a little too much green maybe? Someone suggested I should go grayer and darker, and suggested SW Tempe Star, but that feels too blah, not enough color. Insights from others with a good sense for this and who do this more often than I do, will be much appreciated!

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