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Newly installed gray carpet looks purple - Help me decorate!

Mollie K
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

This post is sort of a 2 part post.

We just got light gray carpets installed yesterday in our newly renovated downstairs level. The carpet in the hall is looking very purple. It seems a solution that may work is to switch out my light bulbs that are there, they are currently 2700K, to something bluer. The soft yellow light paired with the oatmeal shade on the lamp is just a bad pairing for that space. I did a little comparison to see what a bluer light could do for the space. I used one of my photo studio lights to see, and it does improve it a lot! (Left is with current light, right is with studio light). Of course I don't want the hall to appear too cold but I think that a bluer light paired with the oatmeal shade will be a good combo. Just wanted to share this with anyone else struggling with grays looking too purple!

Part 2 of this post! Help me figure out a sofa color. I read that anything with yellow tones will make grays appear more purple, so I feel like anything beige, or cream in color is out. Even though my living room is a mix of creams and grays and haven't had this issue, i'm still worried about this now. I was thinking I wanted to do a light gray, but this scares me now as well, especially because the carpet is such a large part of the space. My whole house is pretty neutral in color (I have added a pic of my living room and dining room space) so I don't want to do something down here that will look completely off. Luckily the recessed lighting we have makes the carpet appear more gray in tone than the hallway, but i'm still worried that the decision I make will bring out the purple. Of course I will bring color samples home with me from the store to see in the light, but any guidance would be appreciated!

Our dining room/living room space

Family Room - Wall color, Sterling - Door Color Shaker Gray both by Benjamin Moore

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