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Breakfast nook suggestions

Zach Proczak
4 years ago
In our new house we have a nice little breakfast nook tucked away in the kitchen.
The nook measures 83"(plain wall to window)
and 80" (triple window to kitchen counter/laminate meets wood)

We see all sorts of nook sets for sale with corner benches and a couple stools.
But what we'd REALLY want is a wraparound basically a "U" shaped bench with backing, with a table in the middle.
Does anybody have schematics or blueprints for a bench I could build. And if so what kind of wood would you recommend?
unsure if we'd want to stain the wood or paint it maybe a wood suggestion for either options.

I can't seem to find any schematics online. figured I could ask around here to save me the trouble of drawing them up myself.

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