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Need help identifying foundation plants

Rebecca Wofford
4 years ago
I found these first two pictures on houzz and asked on the comment thread but no one is answering anyone’s question so I wanted to see if someone can identify these plants. I think the back plant looks like a distylium and the front a baby gem boxwood? The third picture is my house.

Also I’m thinking of using these foundation plants for my house and would like some feedback. I want to know if they will layer well and if the heights of each plant will work layered. For example, online it says dwarf Gardenia will grow 2 ft tall but on the tag of the actual plant, it says 3 ft tall. The distylium is suppose to grow 3-4 ft tall. I want each layer to be a little lower so that each layer can be seen. Or will it still be visible even if they reach the same height?

From the foundation (1st layer) and moving outward:

1) blue cascade distylium
2) baby gem boxwood
3) dwarf radicans gardenia

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