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Need help making my iris healthy - what is wrong with my iris?

Let me start by saying I know next to nothing about iris.

About 4 years ago a friend gave me some bearded iris rhizomes. For 2 years everything was great, they bloomed and the fans were green. Last year the fans got a fungus or virus, I do not know which. I was told to dig up the bed and separate the rhizomes. I was also told to cut them back and rinse the remaining fan and rhizome in 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. I replanted them in several locations around the yard. This year they came up healthy and many bloomed, it was great. Now they all have the fungus/virus again.

What should I do and when should I do it? Should I cut them back down now and spray them with something?

Also, I understand I need to clean my clippers. I need some advice on that too as I used the bleach mix to dip them in last year and now the clippers do not work very well, the blades do not move freely anymore.

The first two pictures are from iris planted back in the original spot while the last two are iris planted over 100 feet away.

Please excuse the weeds in the pictures as we have had a lot of rain of late on top of 11 inches at one time a few weeks ago. The weeds are not the issue, the iris looked like this before the rain.

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