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Am I over complicating a remodel contract?

4 years ago
Hi all,

As a benchmark, I work on very detailed large corporation to corporation contracts for a living. I do not have any experience in home reno/remo projects.

I have chosen a small family owned business to reface my kitchen cabinets and install new countertops. The first contract I received from them did not include much detail. Basically the scope included “reface cabinets, white” and “install 3cm countertop”. The pricing clause stated that customer agrees to an *estimate* of $X”. I asked them to provide specifics for the project, i.e specific cabinet color, number of faces, name of granite, warranty period, etc.

I’m still not satisfied with the revised contract, especially the “estimated” price, but I also realize that this is a completely different animal that the multimillion dollar B2B contracts I deal with on a daily basis. Can anyone level set me on contract expectations?

Many thanks.

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