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My Wurtz Little cado tree and Carmen Hass avocado tree.

I wanted to show off my little cado in the ground 1/2 a year and in a 15 gallon pot for 1 year. My zone is 9b-10a north San Jose Bay Area at the souther part of the bay. Horrible hard pan clay and horrible thick weed block that killed the soil below.

it was Purchase from Home Depot in a 5 Gallon container And grew pretty well under thr eves of my backyard until it grew a full flush of leaves. I am surprised at how vigorous it grows for a container treee. Once transferred to the ground with a layer of mulch it seemed to take off and 6 feet tall and getting bushier by the day.

My newest purchase is a Carmen Hass from four winds. It looks a little sad even though it was only in transit for 1day. But I have faith that the Hass tree Is a vigorous variety that should fill out fast.

Im planning on raising it under the eves of my house for 1 year in the 15 gallon pot until it flushed out leaves and grows a healthy root system to transfer into the ground with a layer of mulch.

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