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Need help with choosing the right colour for dining set and cabinets

Chantal Roussel
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago


I want to paint our big old dining set, which has 8 chairs that I'm reupholstering as well. I usually use chalk paint or Fusion Mineral paint for DIY furniture painting projects because I guess I'm intimidated by the idea of sanding to bare wood, and those types of paint can be applied on finished surfaces. I'm thinking maybe I could sand and stain the table top only and paint the rest. That's one of the options.

For the rest, I can't decide on the colours of the chairs and table legs, and for the cabinets as well. Can anyone give me some advice? The new fabric for the chair pad is a crisp white textured vinyl, which I picked because it's easy to clean (I have three very messy kids).

We like splashes of bold, bright colours in an otherwise neutral room. I'd say our most common mistake is to incorporate too many different colours and styles in one room because I tend to get enthusiastic about all the new trends out there and I want to try them all!

Please help me stay focus on making our dining room a fun and relaxing place to enjoy a good meal with family and friends!

I'd like to use Fusion Mineral paint, because it's really easy to apply and unlike with chalk paint, you don't need to wax the furniture at the end. Here's the palette:

Here are some pictures of the room

And that's the new fabric for the chair:

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