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Bathroom tiling - thick/thin vertical stripe

4 years ago

First time poster - thought I would kick it off with a design dilemma. Getting the bathroom renovated at the moment and trying to make up my mind on tiling design for a bathtub enclosure. It's a small bathroom - 5' x 9', with the bathtub enclosure at the end 60"x30"x76"(height). Currently using 12x24 tiles in a stacked horizontal pattern, but I have a mosaic tile that I want to make a vertical stripe out of. I'm debating whether to make the mosaic stripe three tiles across (about 12 inches) or two tiles across (8in). The sides of the enclosure will also be a stacked horizontal pattern, with a full tile on the outside and a smaller cut portion leading into the corner. Only the tub enclosure and the floor will be tiled (the floor is just the 12x24 tile in a vertically stacked pattern)

Option 1 (three tile across mosaic):

Option 2 (two tile across mosaic):

(Ignore the vertically placed 12x24 tile and imagine that it is cut in half and will have a horizontal line going through it in line with the tiles on the other side)

On the bathtub enclosure with our ceiling height, it will end up being about six and a bit tiles high of the 12x24.

Any thoughts?

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