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Cost of Large Windows: Modern Home

Chris Conway
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

If this subject has been covered (Recently), I do apologize! I have searched and searched and searched, only to find a few outdated threads with little information; one of the results being: [[(

I am in the process of pricing out a home but I cannot seem to find much information on large, oversized windows and their cost. I have called a dozen local installers and they cannot even give me a ballpark estimate, which is why I have come here.

I am building a three-story home with an open living room which will have a full wall of windows. I know, it's far from efficient, but I am looking for the best solution here. There will be two catwalks connecting both sides of the house with wooded hills/a creek in the background, which is why I'd like more glass than not. The 'wall' is 18' wide by 34' high; the architect has 10" reinforced, cast-in-place walls and steal beams spanning the home. Is there a ballpark price for windows per Sq. Ft.? I am looking at Marvin's Integrity Line; I was able to be given information on Marvin's Lift and Slide ($5,000 PER Linear Foot!) but not windows.

Thank so much!!

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