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Kitchen backsplash and pendant light help

5 years ago

Hi everyone, new to Houzz. It's great to be able to ask advice to a community other than bugging my husband. So, we moved to a new townhouse and kitchen had to be renovated. We put in new cabinets, counter tops and appliances. Cabinet is antique white color with stainless steel hardware. Countertop is light gray color. Flooring is bamboo throughout the house, so we didn't change that. So far I like the kitchen. BUT.. the dilemma is backsplash... although a subway tile is probably the easiest and safest choice (for resale, etc), I want to try something different. Since the kitchen is mostly white, I am itching to add some color or pattern. For example - thinking of a moroccon arabesque ivory tile with a gray grout; or a blue glass tile. I need HELP!

Also I need to buy two pendant lights for the area where bar stools will go. Since all my hardware is stainless steel - I was going to break that by adding brass light fixtures - what do you think? I will also eventually add wood floating shelves on the side. Give me your ideas/suggestions pleaseee. Thank you in advance!

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