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Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry) - wild seedling in Toronto?

Fuad Efendi
4 years ago

Morus Rubra is listed as endangered specie in Ontario since 2008,

What I found from Internet, very rare; and above mentioned government source says "there are fewer than 300 Red Mulberry trees remaining in Ontario"

I believe I found at least few species at Rockcliffe-Smythe park (Black Creek area; Toronto; Jane & Younge). Few of them very young seedlings, with leaves bigger than 11 inches in length, much sharper than Morus Alba leave margins, much rough surface, I believe it is Morus Rubra.

Onfortunately one of them, big tree (more than 10 years old) was recently badly cut by government employees because they needed to do smth closeby. I was able to take cuttings from it, trying to root them. It had big round leaves.

Here are pictures of very young seedling I found close to Black Creek, in a complete shade area, leaves are above 11 inches:

Could be unknown hybrid. On photo it seems shiny, but it is matte in fact; not shiny at all in comparison with my Morus Alba (weeping mulberry).

Where else in Toronto area can I see true Morus Rubra to get idea how it looks like? Thank you,

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