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help! Save this large ponytail palm – dying??

3 years ago

This was a gift to me – I know it is an old plant, maybe 10-15 years old. It's been the easiest plant to care for – I only ever gave it the slightest watering once a week.

I think it's suffering an infection or maybe even root rot, but I'm hoping these pictures can help identify. About a month ago I think I may have overwatered it. I've left it alone since then but it doesn't seem to be recovering. I've sadly pulled off several leaves already, and other ones are turning brown on the inside, with a yellow halo around (see pictures).

Also I'm thinking the moisture may have sat because the surface of the soil seems "mildewy" and I see critters in there. The location doesn't get a lot of airflow and I'm wondering if that has contributed.

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