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OBF August The Garden Times

mcc371- Tammy M.
4 years ago

*Our Blooming Friends Swap Group [0BF] was created to have a reliable, fair and safe haven to swap and trade between group members. If you care to join us, we would love to have you.

*Please be a successful member of GardenWeb/HOUZZ and have completed a trade with two or three of our members. Membership requests should be sent to Shirley [Brittneysgran]

  1. Have fun! No bickering!

2. Send your swap by posted deadline. If you are going to be late in sending, please POST that on the swap thread.....

3. Always include a Delivery Confirmation/Tracking number and post it on the swap thread when you send the package

4. Please send things that you yourself would enjoy receiving.

5. Please post after you have received your swap and post what you have received

6..You will be required to replace a swap package that does not make it to your partner, for any reason. Also you'll be required to replace any item that arrives broken/damaged.

7. New members, for the first two swaps, you will be required to send your swaps first.

8. If for some reason, you must pull out of a swap, please let the swap host know ASAP.

This month is back to school for many and the winding down of summer and fall is on the way. So for this swap we are going to take 5 sheets of paper and make a small booklet containing recipes, garden tips, and or garden ideas or garden craft projects. You choose what goes on your pages. You must also choose seeds, bulbs, cuttings that relate to each of your pages. Example: you make a page about irises you include an iris bulb. Another thought you make a page with a salsa recipe you include jalapeno seeds. I think you get the idea let's be creative. You may also choose other items relating to your pages to send if you want to.

This will be a simple swap as I know most of us are busy this month and it is time to slow down. Partners will be chosen on August 10, 2018.

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