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Help choosing an ottoman for large sofa in small space

5 years ago

I have an 88" sofa, but in a small condo. I want to pair it with an ottoman as a coffee table/foot rest. I can't seem to decide what will work. I feel like the ottoman should be pretty long to balance the length of the sofa, like 40-50". But I also don't want to overwhelm my small space with something that looks too heavy or bulky, especially since my sofa is squat and low to the ground. I would prefer something with legs, even if it means I would have to forgo the storage aspect. I found one locally so far that I'm testing out at home. It's exactly what I'm looking for, but not long enough I think.

I'm attaching a few pics of my current space. Don't mind the old ottoman that's sitting on its side by the window, that one will go. Other than that, I don't have any other end tables at the moment, but there is a small console table nearby, white with light wood legs in midcentury modern style. So I'm thinking to match that style, as in my current trial ottoman. I also might be getting a dining table with some metal in it and having to move the console table, so that makes things more complicated. My TV stand is an Ikea Besta with square white legs.

For now, which of the following styles do you guys think would look good with my sofa in a small space? I'm just going to paste a screenshot of my pinterest board. You can look them up on wayfair or (Canadian sites) by name for the dimensions etc. Ignore the chairs/tables. I really like the look of the Mara, but not sure if its angular shape will go with the roundness of my sofa. For something different, I'm also considering a set of two round ones, I can't pin it right now:

So... what style of ottoman do you think would work best?

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