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How to finish carpet edge where meets empty space over stairs (loft)

Dave Crosby
4 years ago

Hi everyone, longtime reader, first time poster.

I'm trying to figure out how to finish where carpet comes to the edge of a loft.

This is the nearly finished master bedroom, the railing should be done this week.

Here's a close up shot of where the carpet will meet the edge by the stairs.

Another closeup of the section over the stairs.

One option would be to install some 3x3/4" trim around the perimeter, flush with the drywall, like this. One problem here is that the stair skirt is exposed. Another is that the drywall would have to be refinished around the edge (damaged during construction).

Another option is to place the same trim cap so it covers the top of the stair skirt and has a small overhang.

Personally, I think the later option also with a small trim piece running down the vertical drywall might work best, but I'd rather have that piece meet the drywall at a bevel rather than be a plain rectangular piece of wood. The problem with a bevel vertical trim cap piece is that it needs to meet the basecap molding on top of the stair skirt, which is a different design. I could have more basecap milled to match and run it along the perimeter of where the drywall vertical ends, but it may be too much detail in one place.

This is where I ask folks here for advice. What carpet edging options do you think I should consider to finish the edge where the carpet meets the empty space over the stairs?



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