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Narrow Side Yard Needs Cottage Feel to add Curb Appeal and Privacy

5 years ago

We just had a new roof installed and the gutters will be done in the next few days. Along with this, we've torn down some trees that were hiding our front entryway and scraping the house.

While we want to expand and improve the front walkway, add window boxes, and install shutters in the future, I'd like to start tackling the now-very-visible side yard soon. I'd like the side yard to have a small walkway (possible pea gravel or rubber mulch) and garden.

We have some large windows on the side of the house. So, not only do I want the side yard to look nice from the street, but I want to make the view from inside more appealing. Some tall, flowery plants would be ideal. My neighbors are fine with me planting on their side of the divide, which is great!

What I want are ideas for some 4-6 ft. perennial plants that are narrow, since the space is small. That size will add some privacy without blocking the sunlight or appearing overbearing in a small space. Ideas for smaller companion plants would also be helpful. We live in zone 5. A few evergreen ideas would be a plus. I prefer a cottage-style garden, but am open to any ideas!

Before Tree Removal and New Roof:

After Tree Removal (the trees are laying on the walkway):

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