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Re-doing living room

Jenny Hershey
4 years ago
I'm replacing the carpet, replacing all furniture except the trunk and repainting the walls. My family of 3 turned into a family of 6 so thinking of a sectional that is about 12'5" total length along the back wall (current couch is 87" for reference) with a chaise on the right that will stick out about 6' and a cuddler on the left that extends out about 4'. then an accent chair to replace the red blob and get rid of the brown blob and maybe put in a corner bookshelf. also will replace the ent center with a tv stand that fits in the built in area which will add a little space. Will this be too big of a sectional or look too crowded? i want the room to look bright and airy but dont have much natural light. with 4 kids, we're sticking with carpet and we cant have white/cream carpets or furniture. what do you suggest for carpet and sectional color to brighten the room and make it feel lighter and bigger since its so long and narrow?

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