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Viking, BlueStar, La Cornue, Kitchenaid? Help choosing a range ASAP

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago


Bear with me as I am all over the place. We are currently redoing our kitchen and didn’t intend on a new range but have separate cooktop/oven and when we upgrade will want an all-in-one so it’s now or never! We currently have a Whirlpool oven that I don’t like (plus it’s digital and my son presses buttons while it’s cooking). I made the mistake of visiting a high-end appliance shop and now I’m hooked. Pinterest has me wanting a Cornufe! ‍♀️

Our cabinet installation is being held up waiting for the range size. We have a small kitchen and will probably do a 30” unless I have a reason to go fancy with a 36”. Looking to get a good deal and have something stylish. I honestly barely cook. We use the stovetop and when I sometimes bake will most often use our Breville toaster oven. I’ve heard gas is better for roasting and electric for baking.

Budget did not take into account a new range, so need to consider $ and may need to finance but want to make a good long term decision.


Viking 30” open burner gas range (new) VGIC53014BSS $3999 and comes with free dishwasher (though we have a perfectly decent Whirlpool). Salesguy says go open burner over sealed burner.

BlueStar RCS 36” open burner RCS366BV2?- found an open box at an outlet for $3499. I would want to get some pretty copper knobs for this that would add about another $500. Burners look great but don't need a 36” and can’t finance at the outlet.

Cornufe Albertine 90 36”- found a black and silver floor model for $6600 (can finance) or a Provence blue and brass floor model for $6075 (can’t finance). Would love a black or white with brass but no way I can pay sticker. They’re just so pretty....

KitchenAid dual fuel 30” in white (New) $4332 KDRS407VMW. It’s cute, seems to have good reviews, and good for baking (but cooktop prob not as good as the others and doesn’t have quite the polished look).

Advice? I‘m way out of my depth and need a quick decision!

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