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Reverence for Roses, Palatine - Hurrah for mail-order rose nurseries!

vesfl (zone 5b/6a, Western NY)
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I've just got my first order from A Reverence for Roses, an 'Excelsa' rambler that I've been trying to find for a long time. It used to be one of the most popular ramblers in the US, the so-called 'Red Dorothy Perkins', but, as far as I can see, only A Reverence for Roses is commercially selling it now. I saw it accidentally when ordering another rose, a lovely tea, as a gift for my friend who lives in the South. My friend was very happy with the rose he got from them and it's another that is difficult to find.

Yesterday I got my 'Excelsa' as seen on the photo below - well, how about this for a band!! Large, lush, healthy growth. The roots are perfect too. May I also add that the shipment charges were only about $13 from Florida to upstate New York and it arrived within 2 days. Cheers to this wonderful nursery for growing roses with such extraordinary care, and others that join it to keep rare and hard to find roses alive.

Let me also mention the wonderful experience I had when visiting another mail-order nursery, Palatine (Canada), earlier last month. We had a wonderful talk with the owner, Rene, who was super generous with advice and imparting his great knowledge of roses. I bought 2 potted OGRs on that visit ('Queen of Denmark' and 'Tuscany Superb') that were very healthy and have been growing wonderfully ever since we planted them. Owners like those at Palatine or A Reverence for Roses are clearly more than just 'sellers' - they *love* roses and are true rosarians at heart. Let's support them!

'Excelsa' band yesterday right upon arrival... I added a stake support

Potted today!

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