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Painting exterior brick white- what color windows with no shutters?

5 years ago

We have committed to painting the exterior brick of our pinky orange house that screams 1991. I'm in a dilemma regarding the paint color (south exposure, so sun moves from east across to the west and changes the lighting. This is a winter pic, but in summer it's so shaded you can barely see the house. Greyish/green roof, tannish/grey/white stone out front. If it weren't for the stone I feel like I could pick any white! (That's dilemma #1) Narrowed down to BM Swiss Coffee, SW Aesthetic White or Natural Choice. Afraid to go too white! Should I go with grey or cream undertones? Dilemma #2: Replacement windows! There are 13 just in the front (house wraps around you can't see the entire facade here. $$ They have to be fixed vinyl because no one makes them tall enough in this faux palladian style. :( I want to stay traditional but fewer divided lites. What color windows with no shutters? Only color will be in trim and I don't want a huge contrast on our busy roofline. White windows seem boring unless set off by a medium color trim? Would Pella "Portobello" (dark bronze make it look too Spanish with the arches? Help! If anyone has photoshop skills I'd be forever grateful!

PS I will probably remove a couple of the yaupon shrubs and the boxy corner window is a dilemma for another day!

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