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How would you repaint the exterior of this house?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello Houzzers! You helped me so much with a past design project that I thought I'd bring my current one to you. The exterior of my house (yellow brick with a brown/grey/black roof) has its trim painted BM Carrington Beige and trim/garage doors painted BM Kingsport Grey, which has always looked too pink for the brick.

I'm considering repainting with BM Tweed Coat - which looks much less pink and, in the back, nicely brings out the grey in the Trex decking. But I'm open to other suggestions - particularly a different way to handle the front pillars, trim and siding (photos 1 and 3). And in the back (photos 2 and 4 - sorry if the order is confusing), perhaps treating the part that juts out in the back a different colour from the rest of the siding. It's a long house - one story in front and two in the back. All suggestions welcome!

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