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New window - am I being unreasonable? Long story, sorry

I just had a new window installed in my MBR to replace an old wooden double hung. My contractor looked at my LR and DR windows to see what I wanted (Andersen new construction), declared them to be 400 series, and quoted me on the MBR and 7 upstairs windows. His quote started out by stating that the 8 windows would match the rest of the windows in the house.

I told them to go ahead with the BR window, and they came Monday to install. The first thing they did was tent off the corner of the bedroom to prevent dust from going all over, and the tent stayed up for two days while they took out the old window, installed the new one, patched the sheetrock and siding, installed new trim, sanded and primed the trim and wall. The last thing they did was take down the plastic tenting.

I cried when I saw it. It’s not anything like my LR windows which it seems are A series, a higher quality. The new window has a rubbery vinyl channel that the sashes slide up and down in, and a wonky method of tilting out the windows to clean that involves sliding down two little clips from the top of the upper sash and pulling the window out of the channel. then you jam it back into the vinyl to replace it. Plus it won’t take an inside mount blind.

I told the GC that I wasn’t happy, and after reviewing the difference in the windows (and looking at the labels in the existing windows!) admits he made a mistake. He has offered to replace it with the correct window and eat the cost of the first installation. I feel terrible, but hate the window.

Am I being too picky? Unreasonable? Should I just keep it? I wish I had looked at it before they installed it, but relied on his expertise to know what to order. He charges top dollar for his work. Am I feeling I don’t deserve the window I was expecting? What a mess.

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