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Need Advice & Ideas Please! Variegated brown brick chalet / ranch

4 years ago

We recently purchased this home and are looking to update the exterior. (we are remodeling the inside too - but I'll keep this about the exterior - lol) So I am not loving this brick, but my husband is not on board with painting it. We are looking to paint the windows, change the awful front porch / portico and replace the the back patio and front porch with new stamped concrete pads. Hubby and I can't seem to decide (or agree) on the colors of the windows. We also haven't completely decided on the style and color of stamped concrete. We are thinking a cobblestone. We would love any advice or ideas! I've been looking through some of the great advice this community has given to others and I'm blown away by how helpful this community is! This is my first time attempting to update a home to this degree. I feel like I'm in way over my head and I'm terrified I'll make a stupid decision that I'll regret. So again, any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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