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Outdoor living spaces, improve or move

6 years ago

I love my house. I love that it is super energy efficient, and that it is well sited to capture the light and trap the warmth of the sun. I love my road- it is a suburban rural dead end that terminates at the back entrance of a 225 acre nature preserve. My family uses that preserve all year, running, walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing. I have a heavenly sunroom, and when the wind blows right the air is redolent of the smell of pines mixed with salt water.

My town has some of the highest taxes in the state. Our house is big, our property is big, but that allows a very big vegetable garden which is my passion. Our kids are college age; one is a sophomore in college, the other is a senior in HS.

I have joked with friends that we will move when we are done with the HS, but only if we can find a similar house, that has similar proximity to a nature preserve. Their typical retort is so you are not moving- lol.

We are contemplating an expansive hardscaping, landscaping project to enable us to take better advantage of the yard for relaxing. I am wondering if we should do it, or we should do nothing and just move in 5- 7 years. If we did the project I would probably still eventually move, but it would be in the 15 - 20 year range.

Help me think this through with your ideas. I always love your input!

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