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Help - Exterior paint and landscaping ideas

Sherry W
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

This is our current house

We are planning to repaint our exterior and redo our landscaping to make it more neutral and consistent. We feel like the older elements of bricks and the garage windows are very different than the modern wood steel fence that are connected to the house. I love the vintage elements and def dont want to redo the newer wood fence the previous owner did, but the house has too many different elements and styles. We also want to keep the drought tolerant landscaping to save water.

I have been researching and cant really make up my mind. I feel like either we go

1. Dark warm grey, white trim, black door with pic 2 landscaping

2. Warmer lighter grey, white trim, green door. Color combo like pic 3 (I love this combo but it might be weird with the fence? and no idea what to do with front yard)

3. White and white trim with warmer lighter grey with (Need idea for the yard) like pic 4

4. New idea

Anyone has better combo? Thank you so much!!

Pic 1 - current house




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