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Suggestions for open upstairs loft enclosure/noise reduction

4 years ago

We have recently updated the majority of our downstairs with new doors, trim, etc. We have finally gotten to the phase where we need to update our upstairs. The first step is to finish updating the loft which overlooks our den.

It's a large open space and next to it is a large bedroom that we will redo after the loft is complete. Currently, we use the loft as a game room/ play room for our son, who is about to turn 7. Eventually that bedroom on the end of the loft will be his bedroom and we will add a bathroom for him in the attic space adjacent. (teen years) We have a TV and video game consoles and toys up there for him to play with his friends. This space is great when we have friends over or parties because the kids stay upstairs and the adults can relax downstairs... HOWEVER it gets NOISY up there and the noise trickles down and echos. Think kids playing video games and carrying on, hot wheel sets roaring and racing on tracks, kids being kids... you get the jist. Anyhoo... now that we are about to replace the flooring, trim, etc. and paint the doors upstairs, as well as redecorate. (can't wait to get rid of that hideous blue carpet!!!) We would like to figure out a solution to the noise situation or how to enclose the space when needed and then reopen when room is not being used.

Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas on how to enclose this space and reduce noise but then open when room is not being used? Also, any decor ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated... we have been trying to find flooring at a good price to replace the carpet..... most importantly, though, any ideas on how to fix the noise/enclosure situation would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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