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Desperately Seeking- Perfect Gray/Blue Exterior Paint Color for Stucco

5 years ago

After 25 sample jars (not joking) I have determined I am looking for a gray exterior color that looks blue in the light.

I am attaching one picture of my small 1950's ranch currently which is sort of a Cape Cod Blue.

I am attaching a close up of a house color I really love (the pic with of the side of a house).

and one picture of all the blue/gray contenders I have currently painted on one corner of my house so you can get an idea of what I have so far.

Anyone have a great gray/blue exterior color suggestion?

I think my top choices so far are Sherwin Williams- Let it Rain, Sherwin Williams- Cadet, Dunn Edwards- Baby Seal, and Dunn Edwards- Wolverine- but they're all looking really similar. Any feedback on those choices is also appreciated.

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