Which is a better kitchen cabinet option for a family with little kids

3 years ago
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I'm stuck deciding between kitchen cabinet options. We're in the midst of designing our kitchen and have 2 kids under the age of 5 yrs old. In a perfect world we would try to get the best quality items at good value for our kitchen but in reality, when you have kids you learn that 1. time and money is a luxury and 2. all the nice things in your house get ruined. Here are the two options I'm stuck on...I'm also open to hearing other suggestions though I feel like that will just pull me further down the rabbit hole.

Option 1: Semi-custom kitchen cabinets, factory painted, baked on in a dark paint on MDF. Fairly good quality cabinets and it's what I had my original sights on. The brand is a bit limited with cabinet options so the design won't have all that we had wanted in our kitchen (e.g. under sink pull-out garbage drawer). I tested a door sample for dents and scratches and it definitely scratched when I banged on it with a hard object. So now I have concerns about the doors chipping and scratching with the abuse it will get from the kids. Yes, I guess we can always have them repainted but how much of a hassle will it be and how much will it cost?

Option 2: Ikea using Semihandmade doors. I wasn't aware their colored doors were thermofoil but when I tested the sample to see how scratch and dent resistant it was I was amazed how well it held up. I'm not sold on thermofoil and my husband is against it but think it might be okay as long as we use heat shields? Aside from price, I'm starting to like the idea of going with Ikea kitchen cabinets because a. they have all of the cabinet options we want b. I like that we can change the doors to either replace a damaged one or change the look of our kitchen in 10-15 years (or at least hope for that possibility). Our last place had Ikea cabinets with white glossy thermofoil fronts and considering that kitchen was 15 years old and used by 3 different owners, it held up remarkably well....except when our kid started walking and started banging up the doors.

Am I being naive? What am I not taking into consideration? I know there are strong proponents for all solid wood cabinets that will last for 50 years, but for a young family flexibility and ease is everything.

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